Can I use x jet on this building?


Do you guys think xjet can tackle this? I have a 8 gal/min machine. Thank you for your help


Do you have a picture



I love this place. There bo luc lac is on point


The short and easy answer is yes you can. I don’t use a xjet so can’t tell you what ratio though.


Roof pump would be better. X jet would take a lot more passes, and wont be strong enough.
Hope you charged enough for the time its going to take to get that clean, and all of it may not even come off. Thats years of neglect, so i would let them know before you start washing that.


Of course I want to buy a roof pump but I’m broke right now. Try to save money from this job to buy a roof pump. Do you think how long it takes for this job? I don’t mind if it takes under 2 hours. Thank you for your help man


No proportioner, bring a step ladder to elevate your x jet container…bring your lowest gpm machine. That will get you close to a 50/50 mix. Don’t let off the trigger to build up the siphoning. Be careful though cause SH will still come out your gun when not pulling the trigger due to the strong siphoning it builds from having the jug elevated, use the valve on ur hose or be ready to disconnect


Personally I would walk away from that job though…chances are you nor the customer will be happy with the outcome. Like above that is years of neglect.

If your stubborn and all you have is an xjet the above will get you the strongest ratio you can out of an xjet.


This is how I would do it. xjet without porportioner using straight chlorine, no dilute. Soak it down than p.w with a long extension standing on top of my enclosed trailer with 40 tip If your doing the whole strip mall I would rent a high reach.


great advice to end up in the hospital


That’s not advice that’s me sharing how I would go about doing that job. Your view as stated is to walk away from the job which I don’t understand as you are in business to clean and make $$$.
Just my opinion.


Please for the love of baby Jesus DO NOT stand on top of your enclosed trailer to wash this. OSHA, insurance, lost time due to injury, I could go on and on, just please don’t. It gives everyone in this industry a bad rep by taking shortcuts such as this.


Your dead on about the osha thing. They would fret over that but I would think standing on a flat 5Ă—10 roof is safer than climbing a ladder. Another option is to stay on ground using a shooter nozel.
I’ve done a few jobs similar to that standing on my trailer. Never had osha around but that could be b/c those type of jobs are usually done at night.


Summary: out of every response this is the answer.


You can stand on a trailer! As long as you have rated railing lol… maybe buy a race car trailer with a rack?


I’d use an x jet no and not think twice about it