Can i use my 12v system for a house wash?

So I have only been doing decks and patios for pressure washing as an ad on. I have a customer who wants the dirt removed from her siding. I havn’t grown into a big boy pressure washer yet and am still using my 2.8gpm 3k psi pressure washer (no down streaming). I’ve seen the arguments about using a 12v system for house washing and was wondering if I can get away with using my fatboy for a handful of house washes while I’m getting a better PW? Also how are you guys pricing house washes? I was trying to look it up this morning but couldn’t find a straight answer.

We probably washed 100 houses and small complexes last year with the FatBoy and a garden hose.
I wont lie that its not fast but it will work as long as you get the solution to about 1%
Put enough away to buy our 8GPM pressure Pro now it a different story when we turn up. LOL
We mostly do condo complexes now and charge around 15 c per Sq Ft.


Also what amounts are you mixing 12.5% to get 1%?

Hi Clint,

Just split down what you can get locally
If we pick up 10.5 we just use just over 9 parts water 1 part SH.
if its 8% it would be 7 water to 1 SH each approximately,
Add a surfactant and a scent to mask and you are good to go.


OK so my 12.5 should be 11 parts water? That’s strong enough to wash everything off? What surfactant are you using for siding?

Roof Snot from Russ at SouthSide Equipment and his lemonaid to cover the SH smell

So the house wash 3:2 sh/H2O mix cannot be used on the roof?

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3:2 seems kind of hot to me. are you using 12.5% for roofs and decks I’ve been using 1:2 12.5%sh:h2o. Anyone please correct me if I’m wrong but it’s my understanding that a house wash shouldn’t be as hot as a roof mix but I may be wrong on that. If it works for you and you aren’t destroying property and plants then keep on keeping on.

I’ve never done a roof but I’m trying to learn as much as possible before I damage anything I have only started doing house washes and I got that 3:2 mix from another house washer, i was just asking if it could be used or if it is to strong on the roof? Then again this mix might be hotter for ds

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