Can i spray SH on a camper / RV

Hey guys i tried searching the subject but didnt find a answer. Im doing a house was and back deck for a customer and now he wants his 35 foot camper washed also. Its got growth on it but nothing to bad. i figured i could just down stream some SH on it, dwell and rinse and call it a day but now im having second thoughts. Can i spray SH on it like a regular house wash or do i need to do some kinda car wash foam canon and a scrib brush and wash it like a car?

Thanks for the help

Ill attach a picture of basically what

the camper looks like

Yes, go wash

Done a few, one was a horse trailer and HW mix made it new again.

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Yes, SH is okay… Maybe not super hot though

sure, one of the first houses I ever washed they pulled a 70-80’s pull behind behind the house and asked if I could clean it when I did the house. It cleaned up great.

Awesome thanks everyone. I appreciate the feed back. I hope everyone has a great weekend

I was recently going to post the same question but we ended up and cleaning it with power-solve instead. Automotive paint is far superior to household latex paint except I don’t know how the clearcoat would interact with SH. If I ever do one with growth I will clean it with SH (no more than a 1% mix) and then hit it with a neutralizer after to be safe.

This is why using a foamer is better.
Soap and a bit of SH with degreaser.
Mix 1/2 of SH with 4 of water and the rest with soap on a 5gl bucket.
spray from bottom to top to prevent streaks and rinse.

smith’s thing that cleans up well is those little plastic playhouses. easy$$.