Can donating a cleaning be tax deductible

I don’t think it counts as a charitable donation, but there a way to have work you do for free help you come tax time? I’ve been thinking about cleaning some roofs on some churches that are looking A little rough. I’d do it no matter what, but if it was possible to write it off, I’d see that as a win/win.

According to this article… kind of…

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Interesting. As a business owner you can deduct the cost the business incurred to provide the services. So if you pay someone to help, use gas to go and get the bleach and supplies, wear and tear on the vehicle are all deductible though from what this states.

If you got a few other vendors to donate with you - maybe landscaping to trim bushes / cut grass and maybe some window cleaning (unless you offer that too) to me that could be called an event and everyone who contributes their time/services could deduct as marketing.

At least you can recoup some of your costs either way.