Can anyone ID this pump on an old Simpson?

I picked this up knowing the pump was dead.


The label on the pump says: HP-3530B-S

I contacted PWOutlet they said it was definitely a CAT pump. I contacted CAT, they said “while we did make some red pumps for Simpson years ago, that not a CAT.

The numbering system looks like General but I haven’t heard a word from them. Simpson has absolutely no info on this.

I pulled the pump end apart and the ceramics look good. One of the top ceramic plungers looks like it might leak. The V packing could probably be replaced on all three plungers.

The plunger bore is 26mm and the plungers are 16mm. I already have a replacement pump ready to go, I want this as a backup.

Some quick googling of the model number indicates that it’s a AAA pump. I’m guessing rebuild parts will be scarce; might be easier to just replace with something a little more modern.

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Like I stated, I already have a replacement. It also has “MADE IN JAPAN” cast in the case.

Ahh, sorry, I skimmed a bit. Maybe contact AAA

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No problem! I did see some reference to AAA before but no firm acknowledgment of that. Thank you for reminding me.

Don’t worry about a backup. If you put a decent new pump on there, it’ll last you thousands of hours. You’ll have outgrown the machine by then. If you spent the time marketing that you’ve spent and will spend on messing with that ole pump, could have bot several new ones.

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Sound advice @Racer