Can anyone help with installing an adjustable thermostat

Like the headline says I’m trying to figure out how to install an adjustable thermostat, I’ve never had to use the hot water on my machine yet because I’m fairly new an still mainly just residential work… but we have some commercial work soon and I know the hot water will speed up dwell time. I used the hot water on my own driveway and it stripped the sealer an left and ugly look. The water gets to about 250 degrees is there away I can install one or turn it down I’ve read my manual front to back it talks about an adjustable thermostat but no installation or part number the machine is an mtm 3500. 5.5 gpm. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I’ve never seen one w/o an adjustable thermostat. Why don’t you call where you bought it from?

I will tomorrow just figured I’d try here tonight

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Found out it has an high limit switch i called the dealer and they said i would have to bring the unit in to install an adjustable thermostat, cause they would have to do some plumbing. Is there a way i can learn to do this myself instead of going to them

With that expensive of a machine I would just let them do it.

That one is easy to install yourself,just remove high limit,and replace with thermostat, I will send you pics later

Please do

But 300 dollars when the switch is only 50 and they are 2 hours away

I can see the quagmire. I am a big do it yourself-er. Maybe a youtube video?


no problem what kind of burner is on your machine


okay that’s great I have an extra thermostat for it that is perfect for your machine ,I would take $40 for it , if you decide to do it I’ll send you pictures,I ordered a extra by mistake

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Ok can you message me a phone number i can call

2709525939,wait till later this evening when I send you pics,send me a text with your name

Ok thanks

Hey man @Jdemp I am trying to install a thermostat on my hot water unit as well. Mine has a beckett burner too.

Any tips or pics you could send me to help install?