Can a Honda GX670 run an 8gpm GP TSF2021?

Hi there. Wondering since I have it running a 5.5 gpm and from what I can find online it seems to be 24 hp as well just like the GX690? Maybe 22hp instead of 24.

Can it be done? Thanks

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GX690 is not 24hp but you can easily run that pump with a 670.

Being my only machine as of now, that would be my best bet wouldn’t it? In Miami so tons of flat work and fair amount of roofing.

Little slow on flat work but a 16inch surfacer and you’ll be happy

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You know you can buy a different hitch so that trailer sits level?


I actually have the leveling hitch on. Had to raise it to be able to get there since i had to jump a curve. Usually sits level. Thanks though!

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I do have a whisper wash. Thinking of upgrading that soon. Any recommendations?

According to Honda, the GX690 is 22.1 bhp