Cam Locks and GPM

I am looking at either building or buying a new soft wash system. Mine was kluged together by the previous owner and I need to improve it. One of the questions I have is about using the cam locks/ Banjo type connectors. It takes a 1/2" ID hose and necks it down to about 3/8". That being the case what is the impact of using it with a 5 gpm pump verses a 7 gpm pump? Logically it would seem that having that restriction in the line will negate the advantage of the larger pump. I thought I’d ask if anyone has done the testing before I start this. TIA

I have a 7gpm pump and cam locks between the hose and gun. I don’t recall it being only a 3/8” hole but it’s for such a short run and then just goes to the 1/4” tip in the end anyway. I don’t think there would be a difference. Would like to hear from someone else who may have tested it though to see if I can benefit from a change. I have a 100psi pump what’s yours running at?

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What drove the question to begin with was that I’ve tried both pump sizes and don’t remember seeing an appreciable difference. Unfortunately the change from 5-7 was due to a pump failure so I couldn’t run them side by side. My pump is running at 7gpm at 70 psi.

Are you doing roofs and shooting them from the gutter line? 100 psi will shoot farther. Are both pumps same psi?

I’ve tested side by side and very minor difference. Maybe a foot or 2 at most. Different nozzles make a difference too.

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We do very few roofs here, hail usual causes replacement before they need cleaning and most aren’t aware it’s an option anyway. My recollection going from a 5 to a 7 was that they’re wasn’t a huge difference in vertical distance and l than having to upgrade the wiring and switch to deal with increased amperage. Thanks for the feedback.