Call back from customer

Hey guys I just got a call back from a customer from a job I did almost 2 months ago. I’ve been going through the threads to see if I can find an answer but couldn’t. It’s probably there and I’m just blind. But she sent me these pics. Does anyone know what happened? Any type of help would be appreciated.

Looks like it’s a combination of not rinsing well enough and disturbing the oxidation. I would first start by washing it again and rinsing, rinsing, and rinsing some more. Be sure to give it a final mist from a ways back. If that doesn’t work you’ll probably have to pull out a brush and some Gutter Grenade or degreaser to remove the oxidation.


Would this have been easier to fix if she called me back right away? Or does time not really matter?

No, it wouldn’t matter.

That’s great to know and thanks so much for the advice!! This has me stressing out a lot.

We’ve all been there and will be again. Worst case you’ll have to use some elbow grease. Don’t worry though because it can be fixed. I really think you didn’t rinse good enough because you can see the runs of what looks to be your hw mix. Just reapply your mix, let dwell, and rinse the heck out of it. The soffit under porches takes a lot more rinsing so I usually try and use less mix there and especially if it isn’t that dirty.


I would also try reducing your surfactant ratio. I cut my elemonator to half the recommended dose, because I found it took way too long to Rinse.

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I wouldn’t be so eager to go back out after 2 months. Those pictures could have been right after it rained and it was still drying. Some siding takes days too look dry. There are several threads on it recently here. I’ve dealt with it myself a couple of times. It’s been 3 days since your post, did you go back out and take a look?