Calcium Build Up On Pool

Hey guy’s, I got a call from a prospect client trying to get the calcium build up in around the pool removed…

My first question is, Is it even possible while the pool has water? Will it mess up the PH and all that? I would assume so

Secondly, What product cleans this up? I know it would be an acid based cleaner…

Advice please

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You can do that job pretty easily but it’s typically something that a pool company would do and it’s not a very high ticket job. Typically you’d start by adding muriatic to the pool and then using a wire brush on those tiles. Get it cleaned up good then use a regular stiff pool brush to finish it off. Then reverse the ph of the pool with the necessary chemicals.

In short, call a pool guy.


Just remember to tell them that it will come back


Muriac acid is okay on brick?

Yes. That’s what ppl use to clean brick. Hydrochloric Acid. HF acid works well to. But I wouldn’t trust HF on those tiles underneath, I’ve never tried it.

Well we use muriatic but very little almost always with a buffer. Surclean is best

Muriatic acid is part of the pool chemical process. That’s what is added to lower ph and adjust alkalinity so it’s safe to use. You won’t use enough to make a real big difference anyways. Just tell them to check and adjust their ph level or call their pool guy after cleaning.

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