Cab over truck owners

I have seen @florida_condo_cleani runs one, but does anyone else have a NPR or FUSO?

Looking to see if they like them. I have been looking at getting one for a few years just to have for snow and ice removal. If I could get one that was either a flat bed or a low sided dump bed I would be happy. I drove a tow truck many years ago that was a cab over and I honestly forget how well it rode.

I have watched all the videos on the net of guys plowing snow with them and they seem to love the visibility.

I am thinking this truck would make a great dual use truck! One of my trucks (current wash truck with 350+k) has to be near the end of its life after plowing for 10 years. I just want to get a plan set for when I need to pull the trigger.

Does anyone that owns one have anything really negative to say about them?

Kinda like a VW van, they will get you there but horsepower they lack. I drove a NATO version a while back & it was a nice driver.

It looked like in the videos I have watched that it had the HP to push snow? Do you feel it does?

I have never pushed snow, it did ok in mud anybody on a plow forum run them ?

I am on a plow forum… But I don’t like them as much lol

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Even from a standpoint of hauling water. You need good HP

I had a NPR with a Chevy 350. Awesome truck that got 8 mpg downhill with a tail wind

I will likely get the diesel. Lol but fuel mpg is not a huge concern with my work trucks. Pushing and pulling power is my aim.

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I’m running a 2014 Isuzu NPS 300crewcab, it’s the 4x4 version of the NPR .
Definitely doesn’t have excess hp however it has suprising offroad capabilities along with a large trayback.
I use 20litres per 100km.
Also had the DPD deleted and a ICU remap to up power.
I’m about to upgrade to a Hino FC500 so I can carry full painting and pressure wash setup with no trailer.
Not a speedy rig or very cool but it gets jobs done.

Does it have lots of pulling or pushing power?

I have two and NPR and a FRR first of there underpowered compared to American trucks. Aperently nobody in Japan is in a hurry. But that’s the only real drawback depending on what your need them for . My NPR is a 2001 with a whopping 135 hp 3.9 Diesel it’s a mule you can pull a house. But it has a top speed of 65 so it doesn’t do well on the hwy. but around town it’s great gets about 12mpg city and 16 hwy
My FRR is totally different it’s a 7.8 Diesel and it’s great . Good power huge cab air brakes and it cruises at 70 all day . It’s a great truck. 10 mpg is about all your going to get .

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Does the 01 have good low end torque?

I finally got my NPR set up and going. I love it, turns on a dime. Only downfall is top speed is about 65 lol

Not sure how the 2wd would do plowing thoigh

Big storm and you might be trying to get that thing unstuck

I think with a hopper full of salt and maybe a 1500lb ballast block she would eat lol. I still worry about having the initial power to get moving before I drop the blade. I don’t want to need 50 yards to get it in the power. I could put a western mvp3 with wings and be 11ft wide per pass.

Yes very good low end torque . It is so much nicer driving a cab over . There is a company down here that does a 4x4 conversion . For a few thousand. At that point it’s almost as good as a unimog

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How big of a water tank do you haul around full?

600 gallons. It’s only a 12500 gvw 6500lbs payload
My FRR is 19500gvw with a 10000lbs payload

The make npr hd with 14500 gvw only difference is 19.5 wheels instead of 16”

Is it pretty solid feeling with that much water running down the road?

Yes there is no feeling that your overloaded at all. It’s just slower to get up to speed. But it gets there. If I lived in the mountains I would not buy one though. Remember 135 hp different years have different hp. Some are 4.8 ltr@155hp then there is a 5.2 with either 175 and 210 hp depending on the gvw