Bypassing unloader

I have a Vanguard 4000 psi @ 5 gpm belt drive. It has an unloader with the short bypass hose and the black relief valve incase it over heats i guess. I want to bypass to my 50 gallon tank. Do i just disconnect the lower part of the hose at the inlet then run it to the top of my tank from the top of the unloader? Or with some unloaders is there another connection? The bottom of my unloader has a plug and a smaller one on the side with an allen screw. I actually want to also be able to quickly switch things back incase i have to wheel it around i think.

I think you’re on the right track. FYI, you’ll also need to plug the other end of that hose that feeds into the inlet. But I’m guessing you would’ve figured that out

I suppose you could use quick connects on the bypass hose if you wanted to be able to switch back and forth between using the tank and just recirculating.

Was in same boat. I needed a tank that was portable and not Permanently fixed. I use a clamp… might be kind if Sanford and Son’ish, but it works fine.

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Thats what ill do. Thanks

Nothing wrong with that. Im sure it works fine.