Bypass pressure switch?

Got myself a new simoniz 2300 psi pressure washer to wash the car. Its brushless, 5pistons pump. But it shuts off when I let off the trigger. Being a brushless, it takes like 15 secs every time to build up pressure. I know how to bypass the pressure switch to get it running even when the trigger is released.
Is it ok for the motor/pump?

Tbh, I don’t think many of us here are familiar with such small machines, especially electric models

But from your description, it sounds like the pump isn’t equipped with a typical pressure unloader (basically a bypass valve that opens when you release the trigger, so the water can circulate back to the inlet and keep moving until it’s needed again). If you circumvent the pressure shutoff switch without an unloader, there’ll be nowhere for the water to go. Which is a good way to blow up the pump.

2nd that…

thanks guys. would an unloader be a “spring” coming out of the pump

The motor would likely not be rated for continuous duty. Get a real machine before you start making modifications that are outside the designed parameters.