Buying new hose reel

Im pulling the trigger to upgrade my hose reel and was looking at this here.

My question to everyone is do you think its worth spending the extra $$ and getting the 5518 model or the 5522 model for more room. On average I use about 200ft per house wash and keep an additional 50ft on the truck for those moments when that wont suffice.

Last question since my space is limited on the trailer when bumping up to the 5518 or 5520 does the reel get taller or wider?

You can get it cheaper at south side.
Also pressuretek does not keep it in stock, its drop ship from the manufacture and can take up to 3 weeks to arrive. Southside keeps a few on hand, but they may drop ship as well.
Also the dimension are listed here.

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Thats a 4300 series reel whats the difference in the 4300 to 5500?

4300 is aluminum
5500 is SS

If you order the SS it will be SS they just use the same size chart.

Good looking out the description on these reels is very plain. You have to know exactly what you want in order to buy them.

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spend a LITTLE extra and get a Hanna ELECTRIC REEL
You will love it and NEVER regret spending the money.

The 12 or 18 or 22 is how wide the reel is in inches by the way.

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Anyone have a link to dimensions for the electric reels ? Need to know if width isbthe same or its narrower… need exact number

My HANNA reel width is 22"
the width of the whole unit box to end is 25"
I have 225’ hose on it


I would definitely go with the 18". Here are mine, blow up pic and you can see how much room left on reels. I’m running 200’ 3/8 - 225’ of 5/8 and about 280’ of 1/2". As you can see the water at 225 is pretty full. Part of reason I haven’t gone to 3/4 yet is I could only run 150 if you look at chart.


Appreciate that racer I went with my gut and got the 18" yesterday morning. Rather have to much then not enough room haha

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