Buying a used Tandem trailer w/ 5.5 Ramteq 5.5 hot water

Good morning gents and ladies,

I found what I believe to be a heck of a deal for $3000. A hot water Ramteq 5.5 gpm unit with 225 buffer, 3 wands, 2 surface cleaners, trash pump all included on a 12’ tandem trailer. I have to drive 6 hours to pick it up on Friday however. The only known issue is the hot water does not work at the moment. He believes that it could be the relay. Although for all I know it could be the burner as well. I do primarily residential and will use the cold water most of the time as is.

My question for the community.… In a worst case scenario, what would I be looking at to get the hot water running assuming it were the most expensive component? I have not used a hot water unit before, but would like to venture into

some commercial work this spring. Thank you for any helpful input!

I sold my single axle 4 x 8 rig with a 4 gpm cold water PW and soft wash system in order to buy this. one.

Josh Crabtree

Also, the guying selling this owns a logging company and used this to clean his equipment. He said it just sits most of the time under these pine trees and is used rarely. I offered him $2600 cash and he accepted it. This seems like a really good deal to me.

It’s a very old machine that doesn’t look like it was taken care of. Seems a bit risky to buy.

The trailer alone is worth about 2K in my neck of the woods. I don’t see a down side other than the 6 hour drive.

I paid 3500$ for this setup it’s a 5x10 so a little smaller but it has a newer Honda on it. I’m also in Florida where pressure washers are everywhere so that mite play into the price a little

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This is the rig that I sold for $3400… It was a great rig but I needed a little more space for other supplies.

I tried to look up how old this model was, with no luck.

Who did your website? I like the graphics.

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Hey @Grizz, I did my website and logo/graphics.

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Whats plan B? The burner coil could be rotted out, check motor, check pump if those work see if water will pump thru the coil and take a gpm test. Check swivels for leaks, all swivels. I think its a good deal if all checks out. Compare title vin to actual vin or trailer serial#.

Burners are around 300 or so, the coils are bout 400 and up.

Thanks @Redjess. I’ll do that.

Rig checked out and worked. Not a bad deal for $2600, and a 700 mile round trip with my Honda Pilot. Definitely going back to a truck before spring house washing season starts back up.

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LOL, I hear that. Your Pilot was probably pretty ticked at you by the time you got home. Sucker definitely riding a little high in the nose.

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Congrats on a good find…like pulling an ace at the table.

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What are the barrels up top for?


LOL, great question @Dantheman … The guy lived in a very rural area. He used the trash pump to pull water from the river, then ran it through the 2 barrels that are homemade water filters, which then poured into the buffer tank. He used this rig to clean his logging equipment.


Hmmm, gotta give him credit for ingenuity on that one.