Business Plan for newbies


I don’t believe I have any competition that is close to my location (even if so I don’t care) I am going to share a business plan with some of you new guys that are looking to launch this spring.

Some nervousness and uncertainty stems from not really have a complete understanding of what you want your business to be. Although a business plan in this format is usually used to gain loans or investors, it can be benificial for you as the owner to have a complete understanding of what your business is, where you want it to go , and how your going to get their.

This plan was made between season 1 & 2, Season 2 actual was better then projected, and my direction has changed some what slightly. Reading some of your guys’s threads reminded me I need to re visit my business plan and change it a little bit. The only good business professor I’ve had in College was my small business class, he was a commercial lender for 30 years and helped me create this.

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Formatting is a little choppy, had to convert it from Word to google docs in order to embed a clickable link, some graphs and images arent showing but you get the picture


This is great info @Patriotspwashing & much appreciated as always!


Thanks for posting


Very nice of you to share and will be very helpful! Thank you!


Nicely done.


Very helpful! Thx brother

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Alot to take in. I had to read it twice. Nicely done!


I haven’t read it all but briefly skimmed through it. Great of you to share that!


Patriot… 38,000 in sales? Must of been your first year starting? Correct?


Noticed you have trouble writing, it also appears you have trouble reading. Keep practicing


Awesome job. Great info.


Good. I’d hate to think you were a weenie who was more interested in protecting his turf that furthering the industry​:grin::grin::grin::grin::sunglasses:


Not talking about what water fed pole or kind of soap is better…it was a business plan… don’t be a weenie


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