Business names in pictures of the job

Hey all. Wondering what your policies are or thoughts on business names in photos you’ve taken on the job. If posting to social media, do you keep the names up or edit it out?. I’ve been getting into commercial/store fronts and it got me curious. Thanks in advance

I had a company that came out and took pics of my crew working while cleaning an apartment complex. He gave me paperwork that i needed to get signed by the manager to be able to use their name on FB and website. I do not know that to be fact but he claims that you need to get permission in writing.

That is exactly what I was curious about.

From my understanding, businesses do not have the same protections to privacy as individuals. For instance, the national do not call registry doesn’t apply to business-to-business telemarketing.

That said, I’m not a lawyer, and it would seem prudent and polite to at least ask for permission before posting pictures with the business names visible.

Also, certain institutions, such as schools and hospitals, may prohibit or restrict any photography. Best to ask beforehand in those types of settings.

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I would ask. Better to err on the side of courtesy

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