Business Bank Account

Is bank of america a good place to open a business credit account and take a loan from? I’ve heard novo was a good online banking system.

BofA are the biggest crooks


When my sons were little BoA pissed me off at the drive-thru, and when I got mad and said I was changing banks as soon as I got home, my youngest started crying because he loves America…some things just don’t equate :rofl:


Best thing is to find a decent local/regional bank that has a legit banker that you can build a relationship with. We have one where we have like 4 deposit accounts, 3 auto loans, several cards, and an LoC (just in case). They’ve been asking me to go to get some paperwork for one of the loans for months, and I haven’t had (made) time to do it…the service hasn’t suffered a bit despite that, lol. You never know when you’ll need to rush through a loan for a new truck, or to replace a piece of equipment early on…etc.