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What is it that a customer or potential customer would do to get under your skin. The reason that I am asking is this morning (sat) I had an appointment for 9 am to do a house wash bid. I had to take my youngest son with me ( he didn’t ) want to go. Well The H.O. didn’t answer the bell & the phone # had a busy signal. Point is that my time is valuable & some people are just down right inconsiderate. Just gets under my skin. :mad: Oh and I heard a stero playing inside the house. Someone was there.:mad:

I don’t like when people are so mystical about their contact information. They ask for an estimate, set it up and at some point I’m like I need your address they act like its a big secret.

Customers that you call the day before to confirm the job. Then you show up the next day and they tell you they changed there mind.

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I hate that to…but why not just do the bid then and leave it on there door handle then do a follow up in a week to see if there interested?
Some customers are just strange but it doesn’t mean you can’t get some continuing work from them.

It was a brick house with white chaulky substance on it ( efforessence ) probably. I didn’t know if he wanted it removed & wanted to go over his options.

Lol residential customers can be weird sometimes.
How long ago did they make the appt.? If I need to meet with someone and can’t get to them within a few days or a week at most they’ll find someone else or just change their mind all together. Same with scheduled jobs. I’m referring to housewashes.
This game is cutthroat sometimes.

Scheduled 2 house washes today over the phone, haven’t done an “In Person” estimate for a house wash in years.

I only do in person est. for certain services…def not house washes

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+1… only times I will is if I get the call when I’m nearby (no more than 5 minutes out of my way) or if it’s a complex sounding property that I can’t see online by any method.

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This one is a small thing, but it bothers me. I hate when you spend hours inside of a customers house, unsupervised. Everything is fine, all smiles and sweet while finalizing the invoice. The second you walk out the door you hear them twist every lock, deadbolt and chain the door. I know that they probably keep the doors locked most of the time and they are just doing what they normally do. I just feel like they are locking the door so I cant come back in, lol.

Watching and asking questions the whole time kind of ticks me off… I sprayed a guy a few months ago because he starts to coming out the door where I was just cleaning. HELLO!

I find the amount of ‘interference’ when you’re working is directly proportional to the age of the client lol

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This is one of the reasons I don’t do residential work!!! I hate wastin my time I am way to busy for it…