Burning Plants

So I have had a few issues with burning plants and grass from roof wash jobs, and besides covering and watering everything down I also rinse off the roof, but some how I still get burned vegetation. I use about %5 SH. Any suggestions?

If you’re covering the plants in direct sunlight you may be doing harm to them that way. Research on Plant Wash and Gypsum pellets. That should point you in the right direction.

Ummm prob from rinsing the roof.

Roof cleaning done correctly shouldn’t have any run off onto ground.

Bag your down spouts.

We spray the bottom edge first.
From the edge or from the gutter spray a 6ft buffer line.
Then go up top of roof and start spraying. Allow to run down some and spray a little more.
Once your runoff reaches that 6 ft buffer section your done separating and nothing will run off roof.
How we do it anyways!

In the past I have left the wash mix on the roof, but I had some serious burns from this. My guess is because of our high humidity and afternoon rains here in FL, so I decided to take the time to rinse everything, but still have some issues with burning.

Look into changing your Bleach to something with humectants in it. Look at Clorox Pro Results or HDX versions of the same “outdoor bleach” variant. When I do a roof cleaning, I only use a 12:1 ratio of water to Clorox Outdoor. I saturate the surface, let it soak without drying, and rinse with high volume low pressure water. I am just west of you in Clermont, and I have never had a single plant die from any roof cleaning I have done. There is obviously an increase in chemical expenditure, but if it keeps you from destroying the clients property it’s worth it.

Besides limiting runoff.
This might be your problem. What are you keeping watered? The leaves, Stems, trunk?
The ground should be “flooded” to the point that roots are full and will not want to drink any run off. I always tell my roof customers it’s gonna look like it rained ALOT.

Have your ground guy spray the overspray mid air before it even touch the plants. By the time anything hits the plants it will be watered down. Get some gypsum and plant wash. And keep everything wet. I tell my ground guy that he should be on the trigger damn near 100% of the time. If I’m spraying he should be knocking down the overspray. If I’m not spraying he should be finding something to rinse. I tarp a lot of stuff as well. Be careful with what you cover.