Burner troubleshooting

Been having issues with my burner for a while. It smokes like chimney and fire comes out of the port on the top. It’s a used machine and I bought it from a reputable contractor so I texted him for advice and he said to loosen this band and move it up so it’s on top of the arrow. However on my machine that I bought new, the band is in the same place and I’m having no issues.

Just wanted to see if anyone else could confirm that this is something I should try before I screw something up.

The air band is for letting more air in or out. Black smoke, not enough air, white smoke ,to much air. hope this helps. You won’t screw anything up ,its pretty easy to adjust,have two ppl . But if you continue to run it smoking like that,you’ll be taking out the coil to debris the soot build up. Mine was due to a faulty fuel pump,also check your fuel nozzle .

I had smoke and flames coming out as well,and not very hot water. if it looks like that. It’s time to get it cleaned @pressureguy. Hope this helps my friend

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the soot will build around the coil to were it can’t breath,causing back fires,and heavy black smoke. And also the soot will insulate the coil to were the burner will not heat the water. Mine was so bad ,it backfired underneath and blew the blower door open,screws are still missing. Lol

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Open up the burner, Clean the coil. After a while all the soot build up makes them smoke.

I’d replace the nozzle while you have it opened, replace insulation if possible… once clean adjust the air to fuel ratio, dial it in til there’s no smoke.

Also check your electrodes. Make sure they a lined up right

Check your ignighter, touch a wire to each of the springs to see if you have an arc. If there is little to no spark thats your problem.

If you have a light switch on the inside make sure you cover it so it will send spark

I did a few things and it stopped smoking so bad, but there’s some white smoke whisps coming out of the sides and underneath which seems odd. Also it continues to smoke for a while after turning it off.

Can you explain what you did?

I didn’t clean it or anything yet. I noticed that the fuel line coming out of the filter was really twisted and crimped up because I changed the filter a while ago, and so I straightened out that and opened up the air intake a little more. I’ll have to wait until next week to test electrodes and the igniter. Cleaning it will be my last resort.

I had the same issue. Mine was originally due to a weak battery, tried running and wouldn’t heat up; however, it still pumps fuel into the unit. Once battery replaced, it was burning the fuel and smoking like a chimney. Didn’t really burn all of it and created soot. Had it cleaned and insulation replaced…problem solved! Hope this helps!