Burner not igniting, got fuel and fan, itermittant 12v power

So intermittingly my burner will shut off on my Alkota 5305e. Fuel will still be flowing ( you can see the mist coming form the exhaust ports) then wham it ignites (fire) and a whole bunch of black smoke will fill the air! neat ah, no not really, just a mess :grin:

SO I’ve ruled out the pressure switch,
bought a new igniter,

I have the old photocell in there, is there a way to by pass it?

I’m running Optima blue battery’s off 11.7 volts machines running 12.4 volts.

I see that the igniter is not getting power sometimes. its either 12+v or nothing when I test the leads.

any help appreciated 20 + years in the business.

never mind… I figured it out it was the photocell, just bypassed it