Burger King exterior new construction clean?

Hello everyone. I have a Burger King contact me to clean the outside of the building.
It has been newly renovated and they want it cleaned.
Any suggestions on this? Concrete dust and dirt from the construction is the main issue.
My possible course of action would be WFP with fan jets. Might take longer to do, but with the restaurant open, and customers around, may be the best way to control the cleaning.?? I could do a soft wash with my 4gpm machine, not sure what chemical to use besides a mild soap. SH mix probably not needed. Any thoughts good and bad are welcome and much appreciated. thanks

As long as they sell vegan burgers, I’d walk away


What’s the world coming to man…

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Does it have new black or dark colored concrete in the drive through/window area?

here is a pic.

Did quantum facilities call you?

Idk if anyone has ever worked with them but they are out of Sarasota. I’m leary or anyone without a google page.

I don’t have a Google page or Face booky. Do I skeer ya @Sharpe ? :zombie:‍♂

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I get the impression they just want a surfactant washdown.

And now they’re being sued for cooking them on the same broiler as real burgers :joy:


I don’t know what a Google page is

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Me either, website page ?
I was just ribbing @Sharpe

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Impossible burger? I’d call it an Alpo burger. It’s only 3 ingredients away from dog food…

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This is an after-hours job. You can’t clean a restaurant while they are open. BK in my around are open from 5 am to 12 am. This job is being done overnight! Have a 12 v battery and some lights on your trailer to see what you are doing. Easy job, just sucks being overnight.

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I think you make him leary for a whole load of different reasons… :wink:

You guys are the exception! I’d never worry about your check clearing!

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