We have a chance to bid on heavy equipment washing for a large excavating company. We’d clean everything in their gravel yard. Basically, what’s there when we come; stuff coming in and out from jobs all the time.

Pricing for heavy equipment like this? What’s an average price for a large bulldozer, front end loader, or track hoe? I’ve found info on trucks and trailers, but don’t know where to start on this type of work? Help!

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I mentioned Trey because he recently posted pictures of cleaning some rock drills so perhaps he could help with your question.
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I have 2 accounts that are either on a construction site or at a yard with no access to water. If that is the case with you, you will need a large enough tank to tote the water around with you.

If you’re doing around $100/hr for contract fleet work you’re doing pretty well. We do a set of dump trucks and 12 rock drills that are done periodically. The trucks are done every 1-2 weeks and the drills are done about every month.

Charge more for the first initial cleaning of the equipment. Then if you get on a schedule with them you can give them a discount for having them done regularly.