Bulkhead fitting, which and where to get

Small dilemma. I have a 200gallon tank, it has a molded in threaded section for what i think is no bigger than for 1/2in fitting. So the molded section is small and whatever was there before broke off half the end sticking out. I want to put a 2in bulkhead there and a good ballvalve. I looked at home dept and the 1 they sell is so hard to turn Id be worried Id crack the tank. I really like the IBC Shutz type. Any recommendations. Ill be feeding 2, 5.5gpm. I cant really fly around town looking for 1, hoping someone has it, and is what im looking for. Ill check out dultmeier and some others.

Post a picture …

Tractor supply will have a 2 in bulkhead and 2in valves.

I’ll try to get a pic tomorrow. Tsc slipped my mind. Ill check them out tomorrow. Thanks for that. What about online, which do you prefer?

Tractor supply def has the bulkhead fitting, but not so sure about the valves as they look odd. But Ill go in the morning and check them out.

Leave the 1/2” port there; use it to feed your ds injector with clean water while rinsing. Install a 2” bulkhead elsewhere. An actual bulkhead should hold up to some torque from a ball valve, even if it’s a little stiff.


The ballvalves this homedepot had were either limmensely stiff, or the handle is way to short for it. Im not sure the piece is salvageable. I def got get a pic.

You should be able to find one at any farm or hardware store. If not Amazon even sells them.

Are you talking about the pvc ball valves being hard to turn? I’ve used them for some other projects and have had to lube them up to turn easier. As far as the pressure washing rig I like using these. They turn really easy.

I like Zoro.com

Yes, those were at the tractor supply store, Ive never seen them before but the lever is better. I dont mind these you showing, i prefer the lever.

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Ive found a temporary supplier for the 2in ID braided vinyl hose. He wants $8 for 2 foot, in uncut lengths, but only charges $6 shipping, flat. I dont need much so ill order 10ft section. Edit: $54 for 10ft uncut length shipt

Ok, back to this. This is the molded nipple that is cracked, and anything sticking out is loose. I did already get a 2in bulkhead too.

I’m gonna try the heat, melt, and spread method using a heat gun.

That plastic is in rough shape. The way it’s shattered like that tells me it probably won’t weld together nicely. It would probably be best to find someone who does plastic fabrication and have them cut out the bad part and weld a patch over the hole.

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Or get rid of it and get a 275 gal tote with the bulkhead and ball valve already installed for about $100. Just another option if you can fit it.

Your other option may be to cut out your hole for the bulkhead as pictured with the green circle, and then grind/sand flush the area in yellow.

Most bulkhead fittings have fairly fat gaskets, allowing some wiggle room if the opening is a little oversized or oblong. If it doesn’t work out, go back to my original suggestion of having the hole patched by a plastic fabricator.

I have 1, but its just too big, double the size of this tank. My trailer is enclosed roughly a 4.5ft x 10ft. So, 2ft plus either in width and height helps alot.

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I’m going to try to weld it.myself. ive seen a ton of videos that use either a heat gun, hot iron, or plastic welding rod and hot iron(similar to hot glue gun), so my confidence it sky high. Just a hot iron and some filler is used even on kayaks. So, Im just going to seal/fill the hole and put the bulkhead on other side. I was thinking the same thing of installing bulkhead on top, ill have to look at it with the bulkhead in hand, but it may not be enough space.