Bulkhead fitting SH tank

Had a pipe snap off inside the bulkead fitting…I don’t know how that happened. Anyway, I had to cut off the bulkead fitting because the guys at the factory had it cross threaded and it was shredding the plastic nut. I’m trying to find one, but amazon is worthless. It is an ace rotomolded tank, and added a pipe with a valve so I could fill up pump ups with SH as needed.

It is a 1.75 inch hole, I would prefer to get something a little more robust. Any suggestions?

None at rural king or tractor supply in my area. Sure they have empty spaces for them but no items. I ordered a new tank just in case but I would like to get going. The tank doesn’t ship for another 10 days. Ordered it from northern tool, they were the cheapest on the same item out of everyone, plus $20 off was nice (paid for shipping).

Northern tool, or try a place that sells hose.
Oh wait, for an sh tank, you don’t want any lower than level fittings as sh will eventuality leak.


Ditto. Find someone who can weld plastic really well, and have them weld in a patch. Or find a different tank. @Dirtyboy

Sorry for the late reply. I bought another tank and I also bought another bulkhead fitting. Apparently the different manufacturers use different specifications for their tanks. What a pain. Some make a 1.75 inch hole and others make a different diameter hole. Banjo doesn’t make bulkhead fittings in every size, and apparently, neither do the other manufacturers. Each manufacturer has their own bulkhead fittings for their openings, some are the same and others are different. You can get viton, santoprene or whatever gasket you want for your tank, just gotta pay for it. I rigged it up the same way I had it before with a valve to fill pump ups with. This time I took some high density foam and put it under the pipe for support. I think the last one had too much tension on it while the trailer was bouncing around causing the crack to happen. I salvage high density foam out of packages and save it for future use.

Oh yeah, the 60-65 gallon tanks all look the same, but they are all different heights, lengths, and depths.

I taught myself some plastic welding. I was learning to do it for possible kayak repairs, then I used it on a used water tank. It is easy enough, just go to harborfreight and get their junk iron, a heat gun, and the right plastics and play away. The hardest part is smoothing without using anything other than the heat gun the metal iron and the plastic. I haven’t gotten it perfected but the plastic welds hold water and that is good enough for me (plus you can sand away the points if you want). If you try it out, just make sure not to just buy zip ties like some people will tell you to. Not all zip ties are made with the same plastics. I saved up milk jugs, cut them up, then remelt. Colors won’t always match but you can get other recyclable materials to use where the colors will match. It’s pretty easy actually.