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New to the site (I have been reading here for a while though, very good information here)… I have been searching the site looking for information about where you all are getting you 12% SH. Some say they get it at the pool supply store, and other random places a gallon at a time. Does anyone purchase this in a 55 gallon drum? Seems to be the minimum quantity that it would make since to buy. I guess I could be wrong. Are there any online chemical companies anyone uses? I called around locally today as well and most said it would have to be purchased from a manufacturer, which seems not too far off.

I believe I filled out my info, but for some reason I can’t get the picture to work. Feel free to rip me a new one since I am the new guy! JK thanks for the help in advance!


This is the no-rip zone Mark. I pay $3.xx per gallon, purchased in a 55. The bigger issue is what you sell it for. How much do you currently use?

You can get pretty good prices on smaller quantities if you do your research. I was able to find a pool service that will sell me a 15 gallon drum of 12.5% for around $36, plus a one time $30 deposit on the drum. I’m not sure on their pricing on smaller or larger quantities, but from talking to the rep on the phone, it sounded like their price per gallon doesn’t change a whole lot.

It took a lot of calling around to find that deal. The trick was finding a company that regularly services a local public pool. I think there are a fair number of these larger pool services around that are willing to sell you SH if you meet them on location. They just don’t advertise that they sell it. I would start by calling the local pool supply shops, then move onto individual service companies, and finally call around to public pools or clubs that have pools to find out who services them.

And keep in mind that a 15 gallon drum will weigh ~160 lbs- so if you’re going to be picking it up, smaller pails might be better.

Tim- I am currently adding this service to my arsenal of exterior cleaning services. I will use about 12-15 gallons of 12% sh mixed in a 55 gallon poly barrel. while I go through my learning curve on the mixing I will adjust it. basically 30%SH and 70% water add a quart of soap or so to start. I got a real nice set up from pressuretek. 200 ft of hose 60 psi. fatboy pump. I will use it for shooting house washing soap as well.

Tim- one thing I am debating is the rinsing aspect, I met a man a while back while in a airport terminal who has been roof washing for 20 years, he was a pilot… he said he never rinses, just lets mother nature do the work. He said his customer are always happy… I imagine that rinsing makes the customer see the amazing results as well as their neighbors right away… which may generate more positive word of mouth marketing… and just let them know that it will get better as the rain comes.

Alex- you bring up a very good point about the weight thanks for that. I don’t necessarily need the 55 gallon right this second but would like to find a supplier to avoid having 1 gallon jugs everywhere, I will keep digging.

We apply. Mother rinses.

They get their monies worth as soon as soap is applied. Stay and rinse or go and do another $500.00 job in the same amount of time. Hmmmm.

hmm a very short hmm… thanks

After some searching I found a company who custom mixes chemicals and soaps for any type of cleaning you can imagine. And they have 55 gal drums of sh that I was looking for. They also have a custom mixture they blend. That has 12.5 sh with a surfactant and that say mix with water. I said it is perfect for siding and in stout mixture good for roof. This place literally had anything I wanted. Or they could get it in a day. Or make it right there. How cool is that?

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He said**

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My local pool store sells for 1.88 a gallon. 13%

What soap are yall mixing with the SH

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I go through Univar - $2.118 per gallon 55 gallon drums - $1.778 - 320 gallon tote…

this is for 12.5%