Building shelves?

I really like the idea of having a sturdy shelf in the back to mount the hose reels, similar to this.


This would open up space underneath to access my machine, and even allow me to add another 8/1500 later.

Problem is I am terrible at building things, any advice is appreciated.

what scares me is the heat from the exhaust screwing something up, or virbation wearing a hole into a feed or pressure line.

Unistrut. It’s the erector set for adults.

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Bingo, but make sure you run the channel the length of the trailer. You may want to add or move shelves later, but either way it helps distribute the load.

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Any thoughts on e-track?

It’s as good as any other track system

Must be, it’s sold out everywhere here.:flushed:

walmart and Northern tool have a etrack brand, I believe the harbor freights do too.

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I’m starting to think I should paint the walls with something, anything decent I can get at a paint store or Lowes?

You’re killing me smalls. How many times do we tell people to get real chems and stay out of the big box stores and here you go asking about Lowes lol. Get Olympic maxxim


You will need to thru-bolt the unistrut from the outside. Could probably use 1/2” stainless carriage bolts. Depending on how the trailer is built might need a large fender washer on the outside of the trailer. Make a pattern or measure evenly from a straight line on the trailer so that the bolts look even as they go along and the shelf is straight on the inside. Do not use a level because the trailer might not be level. You can get brackets and cross mount unistrut at the exact distance of the hose reels so it’s all metal no wood.

Or if you don’t want bolts going thru the trailer, just weld bolts to the frame from the inside. Have someone hold a bag of ice on the outside to keep the paint from bubbling or peeling


Any exterior latex will last.

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These worked well in my most recent build.

Just finished tonight, need to let it dry and clean up the floor a bit. Sherwin Williams exterior latex, was considering epoxy but was informed it doesn’t hold up well to heat for extended periods.

I had a thought, anyone use these square vertical tanks instead of the leg tanks? Space is limited, I could get a 55 for water and 35 for SH.


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I couldn’t find one anywhere this past February. I had to use a 55 gallon drum. The drum sucks because I can get my hand inside to tighten the fittings I used. Had my 7 year old help me.

i considered using one, i see them for sake alot cheaper than let tanks too. i see no problems if straps used.

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I’m seriously looking at getting a couple vertical tanks, I did the math and two can be placed on either side and still allow for a ‘walkway’ between them for access.

I like those tanks too but shipping out here is more than the tank. Looking into RV holding tanks.

I have 25 for SH. Not near enough. Want to go to 40 or 50.

I don’t know how you clean concrete with an 8gpm on a 55 tank. There mus be insane water flow in your parts. I wouldn’t even consider going with one less than 125.