Building hot water washer with a diesel engine

So I’m kicking around the idea of building my own hot water washer using a new kubota diesel engine. Is there any drawback using a diesel verses a gas engine?

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Nope. Only reason I don’t anymore was lack of finding fuel sometimes when we were traveling out of state more.

Besidee reliability and longevity of a diesel, any other benefits to a diesel power washer? Other than being able to have same fuel for hot box and the engine?

Biggest draw back is typically initial purchase price. That being said biggest benefit I can think of is fuel savings. There are plenty of other pros and cons… as stated a diesel is typically more reliable, last longer and has a longer maitenence interval.

On the flip side a deisel can be a touch more finicky to work on especially if you are not mechanically inclined. Also diesels do vibrate significantly more then there gas counterparts. This can mean more over all machine maitenence as its another source of wear and tear.

Thanks Donerite! I’m really leaning towards a diesel.

Your welcome. Always glad to share what little knowledge of this industry I have with others as I have learned so much from everyone else on these boards.

Up until a few months ago I was running a small kubota diesel on my main trailer. It was 17 years old and was still more reliable then any of the other units we had. I also figured out the fuel savings at one point on the diesel motor verses the gasoline motor, unfortunately I can’t seem to find those papers back. I think if I remember correctly it was in the range of 3000 a year in saving for the number of hours we run.

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