Building a new trailer set up


Sort of new to this industry, been pressure washing for about 8 months now with my loyal 4200 dewalts, but now it’s time for an upgrade:

I’ve purchased two 8.3 gpm cold water machines, a hot box and now I’m trying to figure out how long of a trailer I should get? I’m thinking a buffer tank of 325 gallons and have stacked hose reels but I’d like some advice on if I can get away with a 5x10 ft trailer or if I’ll be cutting it too close?


That’s not going to be big enough with a 325 gallon tank sitting in the middle. You’ll be so cramped you won’t be able to work on your equipment. If you plan on keeping tank any where near full you’ll need a dual axle.


You can do it, it’d just be tight. I have a 5x10 with a 8gpm and a 275 water and120 chemical and room for my 4/4 on wheels to fit but it’s snug.


But he’s got two 8 rpm pumps!


Okay so a 12’? Or is there not much of a difference?


No matter what you get you will wish you had more room. You already spend alot on equipment. Mine as well go for a 12’ or 14’ duel axel!


My trailer is 6x10. This is a 65 gallon tank. My reels go out my side door. If the tank were the size of a tote I would not be able to fit my reels in line with the door. After the reels are shelves. Google Photos won’t let me download my pics or I would have more.


From a safety aspect you need a dual tandem trailer


Are those 4gpm?


I use a 12’ tandem trailer with a 225 buffer. 5 GPM hot water from Ramteq. Plus reels, toolbox, soft wash equipment, 35 gallon chem tank, 50 gallon batch tank, surface cleaner and a trash pump. It pretty much fills the entire trailer. Because I do mostly residential the 12’ is a good size… If I did more commercial I would definitely buy an additional trailer at 14’ or 16’. Tandem is a definite must for that size buffer tank.


Hp5535’s from I can see.


I think they are 4/4 because 13hp Hondas don’t have the power to move 5.5 at 3500 you get those numbers from a v twin


One is a 4 4k psi and the other is 5.5 at 2500 psi


14 is a good length. I had a 12 but it was way too cramped. 14 is still a little cramped but it works. I have a 325 buffer also and they take up a lot of room. 68 inches in length but if your trailer is wide enough you could turn it sideways.