Buffer tank valve flange leaking

So I bought a nice new 125 Gall buffer tank and for the life of me I can’t get it to fully seal. It probably didn’t help that I used my reciprocating saw to cut out the bigger hole so it’s not perfect but has anyone ever had this problem? I’m probably going to buy another flange where the nut isnt partially cut and have a rubber gasket on the outside and the inside of the flange.image|375x500

Cant see photo.

I used a little bit of gasket maker to help seal my IBC tote it seems to work pretty well so far

I used a gator lock on my ibc. Works well but my next connection has a drip.

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i have a bulkhead fitting

Try some grease and lube the gaskets. If they can’t slide around they bind up and don’t seat properly.

Here is the image…hopefully

Use Banjo bulk head fittings. I had the same problem and I think it was because it was a cheap bulk head fitting. Also I used silicone grease with Banjo fitting.

What happened here? I’m guessing this is your problem. Some of the flange is missing…

And +1 on the Banjo bulkheads. They make some good stuff.

And metal and plastic don’t marry well together

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Dual gasket, bolt through bulkhead.

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In a moment of sheer stupidity I put the nut inside the tank, but needed to cut it like that to get it to fit. Oddly it leaked less in that configuration

Nut does go on the inside, typically.

Do you have a gasket on the inside of the tank?

Alex, that is the kind I use. Nut goes on outside and is reverse thread. Seals better than the ones with a bolt pattern

Installed new Banjo this morning & no leaks!