Buffer tank size needed to run two units?

I plan on buying another 3500psi 4gpm unit for several reasons. I also will be building my first trailer. I want to have a backup, and a unit to use on other jobs around town that is portable, however when I connect the two at one home to pull 8gpm what size tank will I need? The tank size and added weight will directly effect what trailer I build. Thanks

I run a 65 gallon tank to feed the two 8gpm machines on this truck. The box trucks have 120 gallon tanks. Most of our water sources are hydrants

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Since I won’t be using a hydrant, I assume that I will be needing the 100+ gal tank. If I will be joining the two for 8gpm I will need to treat it as a single 8gpm machine? That is an amazing rig by the way!

The size of the tank depends on what the average gpm the spigots put out in your area, how much weight your trailer can hold (even not moving), space, and how long you will need to run the machines.

I run a 4 gpm and 5.5 gpm off one 275 gal tank. I then have the hudson valve set to around 150 gal which gives me about 120 gal i can use before the water drops below the bulk head. Im generally able to run for about 20 min with one feed hose. If the home has 2 spigots in the front then water supply is no issue.
Personally if i could get a 150 leg tank i would. the 275 takes up a lot of space, and dont even use it to capacity, especially on a single axle.

Also instead of another 4gpm, you should look at the 5.5 gpm. Its the same price but much better