Buffer tank setup question

Ok i just set up buffer tank i will try to post a pic i am running 1 inch hose from tank to preesure washer
Problem is i dont know if i am getting enough water the hose goes to filter then loops around to a 10 inch climb to washer
I raN it and it worked and when i let off gun it cycled back to tank but i dont want to burn up pump

When i un hook it from washer and let water out it does not flow very fast maybe 2.5 gallons in a min
Does pressure washer pull more to compensate it is a pressure pro belt drive

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The speed at which the tank drains is also influenced by the water column in the tank. In other words, If the tank is five feet tall and full, the water will have about five psi pushing it out. When the tank only has one foot of water in it, it will drain a bit more slowly.

Send me a pic if you can’t get it posted. I’ll help you.

i had about 50 gallons in it when i tired it
i really dont want to have to pull 250 gallons of water around was thinking i could carry say 150 as a buffer
BUT i do not want to mess up my pump

just saw this does filter location make any difference

What’s the Id of that hose? It doesn’t look like 1" and it’s better to put the filter closer to the pump and that hose fitting will at some point allow air into the line.

it is 1 inch hose and what hose fitting should i be using

you say put filter close to pump not water source

Id = inner diameter, od = outer diameter, that quick connect fitting will eventually leak air into the supply line.

The belt drive will pull water. You wont mess up the pump unless you run out of water and capitate the pump. You can add a low water shutoff, or just keep your eye on your water.

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Am I missing something here? It looks like the outlet of the tank is hooked up to the bypass? Whats the idea behind that? I thought the tank goes to the inlet and the bypass goes to the top of the tank?

i dont have the hose from tank hooked up in the pic
the hose coming off pressure washer in the pick is the bypass hose

Oh Ok I thought I was going nuts for a minute…LOL

Oh Ok I thought I was going nuts for a minute…LOL

Now I really am going nuts

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So the belt drive will pull water from the tank?

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Yes, slower turning pump creates greater vacuum.

Get rid of the cam lock fitting and replace with a barb. I heat the hose a little bit so it will mold to the grips on the barb when I compress it with the hose clamp. To get started put a foot of water in that tank if the climb is 10". It will try to create equilibrium and push the water up the 10" climb. I personally have my filters right beside the tank…I don’t know if there is a benefit to placing them beside the pressure washer. I have mine placed for maximum access. I would set my fill mark to at least 12" just to keep it simple or how ever many gallons you want above that as your buffer. I use a pvc pipe with threads on each end between the bulkhead and the hudson valve. Once its going it will pull the water all the way down to the outlet bulkhead in the tank. You can start it with less water and it will vacuum the water to the pump but it may run dry for just a few seconds in order to do so.

One day I am going to make a diagram of a buffer tank and all of its components and have them sticky it.

Low water shut off. I need to do this…whats the set up involved in this?