Buffer tank over flowing despite HFV

Hey guys

Had a strange thing happen twice now. My tank oas over flowed despite having a working shut off.

Specs- 65gal buffer running about 5.5’ of 1" hose to a 8gpm machine w a K7.
The K7 has 5.5’ of 1/2" bypass returning to the tank.

Twice now I’ve returned to the truck to find the tank gushing water from the top.

I tested the HFV and it shuts off as it should. Leaving about 5" of clearance. My guess is there’s enough water in the return line to fill that gap and perhaps the water above the valve “lift” is pushed back down.

Anyone experience this?

Ive had that issue dont know why it kept happening so i just took it out and kept a eye on the water tank normaly running the 8gpm i would use more water then i was getting but the days i was only using the 4gpm if i noticed i had more i would just shut the water off at the house i had a 225 gal tank tho

Try switching to a Jobe float valve. They seem a little more robust and less prone to sticking open.

Though, the Hudson valve I currently have, has been going strong for 3+ seasons with no issues.

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Just be careful if you put anything in the tank to mitigate sloshing, it can stick the Jobe floats…


Hey, check that little set screw on the side. Mine backed out and tank overflowed with parts everywhere. Might want to loctite it.

I put two jobe floats in. One about a foot lower than the other. When I get Close to the end of the job I switch the Cam locks over on the GH and connect to the lower one so that I can roll away with less water. When I do big commercial jobs I fill up through both lines to keep both machines running. Love those floats

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This has happened to me 2 or 3 times. As far as I can remember it’s only happened on homes with well water.

it happened to me twice, both times the trailer was leaning to one side. So I think the valve needs to be able to have that clean up and down motion, and instead it allows the float portion to kind of cock itself to one side(minutely), and causes just the right amount of friction to get it to stick open.

Thanks, I’ll look into that.

No well water in my area.

That makes sense as well. Reels and chemicals are on the passenger side of the skid with only the fuel on the driver side. Engine is centered in the bed. So the passenger sits lower creating a lean. I’ll pay attention today to what’s happening on tonights job.

A leaning truck was the culprit. Both times the truck was leaning into the curb which is the float side of the tank. Roads tend to be graded towards the curb and it doesn’t help that my truck leans on that side as well.

Yesterday, I was at an angled curb and drove up on it to level the tank. Voila! No issues.

Get yourself an airbag kit to fix the lean. They’re only like $350 for most trucks. Well worth it.

That’s surprisingly cheap…

I actually have airbags on my Sienna, works well. Be sure to get the kit that blends left and right into one valve.

No, don’t tee the lines together if you want to fix a lean. It defeats the purpose.

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That only works if your load is perfectly even and you only drive on level surfaces

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Oh gotcha, he needs to lift one side.