Buffer tank necessary?

I have been searching for the answer on here but have been unable to find. Is it absolutely necessary to have a buffer tank if using a 4gpm/ 4200 psi belt driven pressure washer to SoftWash houses? Planning to use a m5 x jet

NO. The buffer tank is only to supplement your water source with large volume pumps. 4gpm can usually be supplied from a residential spigot. Do a bucket test in your area to see what kind of supply you get from the tap. If your 5 gal bucket isnt full after a minute, you would need a buffer.

There’s this thing too

is a buffer required? yes and no with the best answer being better safe then sorry.
Most house’s can push 4gpm so its not a problem, but the one house thats not pushing 4+ gpm can cause your pump to run hot. If the house’s in your area mainly run well water, than a buffer is a good bet. If city water, probably not needed.

Another good thing about a buffer tank is you are able to bypass the flow to keep the pump cool when you let up on the trigger.

I can’t remember who it was but they mentioned they never had an issue not using a buffer tank unless washing a house who was on a well and they started running a load of laundry.

As mentioned above it really depends on the water supply in your area. Most areas should get more than 4 gpm but wells may be different.

No, but what if you’re cleaning a fence that’s around the perimeter of a property or a large strip mall that has only one working spigot. I’v cleaned large apartments that only allowed me to fill from the office. I love doing residential, but having a tank has helped me land my bread and butter commercial accounts.

Thanks everyone for the quick responses! I believe I will go on the safe side and set one up. What size tank would you recommend?

Only you know that answer… does the water around you provide enough volume. 90 Percent of homes do here but that ten percent will kill my pump without my buffer. The short answer is yes get you a buffer tank.