Buffer tank feed?

I’m just getting started and will be getting a 4gpm belt drive. I was planning on a 35 gallon buffer because there are places with weak well water pressure around here. I’m correct in thinking that there is no pump needed from buffer to washer because belt drive has suction? And how big of a diameter should the line be?

You are correct, a belt driven pump will suck. 5/8 or 3/4 line good.

1 inch feed always


1” is pretty much the industry’s standard. But for overkill and if you really enjoy fighting with stiff hose and learning to curse like a sailor. 1.5” is the way to go.


So is 35 gallon buffer plenty?

Personally I would max out my space and weight capacity. If I was you. Only advantage of a smaller tank is weight and space. Go as big as you realistically can.

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I agree with @florida_condo_cleani and remember, if you’re worried about weight, you don’t HAVE to drive around with a full buffer tank. Just put a drain on it and empty it after each job if you need to.


I run a 65 gallon with a Hudson flaot valve on top to keep from over flowing. I use a 1 inch hose.
Here is the kit i bought this because i was alittle overwhelmed on what all i needed this has all you need.

No one buy that over priced junk please.

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Whats junk about it? Please explain.

You have about $40 in useable stuff. The extra bunghole for bypass is not needed. The filter is not adequate. If your happy with it that’s great. But others should not be directed to shady vendors with over priced stuff. Just my opinions.

What is the most durable 1" tube coming from the supply tank to your Pumps do you guys recommend to install on a machine with a 7gpm 4000psi pump? I have heard stories of weak hose being kinked by the suction of some pumps and thus Starving the pump. Thanks.

Spa hose come in 1in?

Thank you, I will research that.

What bunghole lol and the filter is fine(no its not a charcoal filter or something used on water for drinking) but it good for keeping trash out your PW without much maintenance. If pressuretek sold this you would be throwing the link around like candy even if it is alittle over priced BUT as you said “its better to pay a professional if you dont know how to do something”.


The second bunghole fitting. I’m not following the rest of your comment. I link pressuretek alot because Bob is an honest vendor. The person you linked is not. Like I said, of you are happy, great. Just don’t want to see others get taken.

I was just referring to your resentment towards lori at pressurewashingproducts.com i dont know what all happened with your friend and the missing pressure washer but i had read alittle about it and when talking with them they stopped doing business with that shipper right away and hired a new shipping company. I think its alittle unfair to hold a grudge against a company that strives so hard to help thier customers. Lori will literally video chat you at 8 pm at night helping you setup a project lol and rex “the pump guru” will also break his back to help you. Have you chatted with him?.


I’ve never talked to him. I’ve talked to Lori and she was foul mouthed while offering me discounts to remove a review I posted on one of the forums she was banned from for lying about another vendor. I have heard from others that Rex is pretty cool though.

I have to agree with @Innocentbystander. That kit is beyond overpriced. Literally $15 in hoses, $20 or less for a filter, and less than $15 for bungs and fittings. As far as the bypass line goes, just drill a hole in the top of your tank just big enough to make you fight squeezing your bypass line into it, and it will never come out. No bung or fitting necessary. I just use cheap Home Depot 3/8 i.d. non collapsible hose for my bypass. Also, a couple of 1" camlock fittings make fooling with that 1’ non-collapsible so much easier.

id love to know where your get all that for so cheap. Its about $80-$90 worth of stuff. The extra $50 you pay for the package is for thier labor. Anyways if your new and finding it hard to find exactly what you to plumb your washer then its worth the extra $50.

And there is nothing “junk” about it like William says. He just dislikes lori lol.