Buffer tank barely working

My new buffer tank struggles to feed enough water to my 5gpm. Here is a photo

What size hose is that? Non collapsible?

How is your tank vented?

Hose looks a little small, and not the recommended suction hose, but I don’t see any reason why it should be struggling in its current condition.

If the hose is collapsing I could see why. Not completely but enough to restrict flow that would do it.

That type of hose is the worst idea for supply hose!

Its 1 inch, its not non collapseable but ive made sure its not kinked

That hose has flattened, you can see it.

Make sure the tank has a hole drilled in the top. The pressure relief valve (at least on mine) isn’t enough.

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Your hose had developed a memory, it will only collapse further when it’s pulling


I use the polybraid vinyl, 1in with 0.25in walls so Im ok with it so far, but I do see yours maybe has gone flat. There are thinner 1in ID polybraided vinyl.

polybraid hose will collapse, especially in the heat. Get real suction hose. Any ag supply store sells it.

So far my 3/4” polybraid has worked well after over a year, if it does crap out I’ll look at that suction hose:

Are you bypassing back to the tank? is hard to tell from the photo.

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I think I’m ok, me, but, I’ve got cool water coming through those sucker at all times and can barely if at all crush it. But for the record I did not find any Crush proof hose when I needed it. I did find some eventually and the 9.5gpm gets it.

Get some Flex-Tube PV Hose. It’s crush proof and flexible.

Can you take a better picture. Why is you intake line plumbed into a tee. What else is the tank feeding

It does look a bit off, cant tell what is what.

They call it Spa hose in the trade if I understand you correctly.

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What you really need to do first is take everything off your inlet and install a barbed fitting. If I had to guess it is 3/4 mnpt. Then remove your bypass line and get one long enough to run back to your buffer tank. You have way too much stuff on the inlet side of your pump.

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Yeah one brand name is spa flex, it is tough, used with chems, have it on my system. I get it for free from a pool guy, but it is sold at lowe’s and plumbing places. THey bury it in some pool installs.

For anyone reading this, don’t buy it at lowes, super expensive there.