Brig's and stranton 3100 psi at 4.5 gpm

Found a pressure washer online and I am a bit sceptical about the quality. Anyone have any experience with a brig’s and stranton 3100 psi at 4gpm

Got a link or a pic?–45-max-gpm.html

Perfect machine to wash your car or occasionally clean up dog poop off the driveway. If you’re asking if it’s suitable for using for a business–no. I have one of those machines and they’re just not meant to be used daily.

A) Downstreaming is achievable but only with some modifications and really not worth the effort.

B) Those pumps are notoriously unreliable and not easily rebuilt like the triplex style pumps you’ll find on commercial-use machines.

C) The pump is direct drive so it doesn’t suck water from a tank and will need to be fed from a garden hose hooked to the outdoor spigot. If someone hops in the shower or runs the washing machine while you’re hooked to that spigot it could reduce the flow to your machine enough to starve it of water and burn up the pump.

D) On the topic of burning up pumps, those machines don’t have a bypass system so you need to be on the trigger pretty much the entire time the machine is running or the pump overheats. You may be able to squeeze the trigger every 10 seconds or so while you drag hose or whatever but if a neighbor wants to ask for your card or have a two minute conversation you’d have to shut the machine down and restart it every time. That will get old very quickly.

That’s probably enough for now. If you’re just looking for a decent homeowner machine to wash the cars with then you’re probably well served with that one. For those purposes I’d probably just get a little electric washer though. They work really well, surprisingly.

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Thank you I did not think it was worth it but I wanted check. Thanks for confirming my suspicion.

No worries.