Briggs & Stratton power washer

In my small country its not that easy to get a solid power washer for a good price. No real culture of power washing here either so I’m reluctant so just jump in.

But I have found (I hope) a solid power washer - Briggs and Stratton elite 3000px with 19l of flow per minute (5galons). I can get that under 1000€, next would be some hand sprayer for sodium hypochlorite.
I need something I can move, its only 32kg (70 pounds). Some I’ve watched are fast over 100pounds.

Can someone please chime in their opinions on this machine? Planning to only do weekend residential jobs for now.

Thanks for all the help!

Hey :wave:t2:

It it’s something like in the pic - I’d say you’re wasting your time and look harder or find an importer of a decent machine.

Its exactly this one (didn’t want to post a link, not sure if I can but here goes ).

So I didn’t stumble on a golden nugget here? :rofl::sob:

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Thought I changed the numbers where u guys use different ones (galons, pounds…) €/$ does not really matter imo.