Bridge Cleaning Over Highway

Any have any experience? This would include the whole bridge…top, underneath, sides, etc… will need a lift. My main question is traffic control. How much does that cost? Do I sub a company out to control traffic? Thanks in advance

I would want a full hazmat suit with all the pigeon poo.

Check with the City, I’m sure you’ll need a permit no matter where you live. Feel free to introduce yourself since you’re new here. The introduction page is pinned at the top of the threads


I worked for a company taking down trees a while back. We used to have to pay an off duty cop to block traffic for us. Maybe check with the local authorities and see what they can do

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Didn’t think about asking police :+1: this highway is 50mph so I am assuming it would need to be warning/caution signs further down the road etc…I am just curious on An estimated cost for traffic control/equipment to help with bidding

I imagine every state or county has different regulations when it comes to traffic control. Kind of like what @12_B mentioned above. Our tree companies are able to have their own guys do traffic control but he said theirs have to hire off duty cops.

I would put a call in to the county highway department or even a local blacktop company and talk to them just to see what’s required. Maybe you can team up with a local company to get it down. Let them handle the traffic and you handle the cleaning. Directing traffic on a highway is no joke.

Thanks for the reply, your right…it is no joke and that’s why I am taking it very seriously. I will obviously contact the county/DOT for permits and also contact local asphalt companies and see what kinda knowledge they can throw my way. Thanks for the help guys!


Hes not joking, had a painting contractor spend 8 months in the hospital and have to learn how to walk again after getting some kind of disease from bird droppings while up in a homeowners attic. PPE is super important when working with bird waste.

Histoplasmosis is what he got,

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