Brick work question


I know there’s a ton of info here on acid washing etc. it’s actually something I’ve never done though. In this case, it’s only a small bit, so would pressure move it, or do I need acid?


f9 efflo, NMD 80 or someone on here a couple of weeks ago had some good results with the Zep calcite remover


Looks like eflo and ppl swear by f9. I have some but haven’t used it yet…lol


I guess you posted this while I was typing…lol


Great info guys, only we do t have either over here!

What’s the active ingredient?


You should be able to get Zep at Lowes or Home Depot.


Not sure they have those in Australia


Can you order off Amazon


Correct. None of those.

I heard muratic acid was the usual thing?


Google the sds on on the zep and nmd 80


Got it - thanks!


You can use white distilled vinegar too which you should be able to get. But you’ll need to scrub a little


Oh we have that! Ha ha. It’s only a small patch as you can see, but I wanted to go prepared if pressure doesn’t get it off :ok_hand:t2:


Ahhh I found this…


Pressure will get it off until it dries, lol