Brick work question

I know there’s a ton of info here on acid washing etc. it’s actually something I’ve never done though. In this case, it’s only a small bit, so would pressure move it, or do I need acid?

f9 efflo, NMD 80 or someone on here a couple of weeks ago had some good results with the Zep calcite remover


Looks like eflo and ppl swear by f9. I have some but haven’t used it yet…lol

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I guess you posted this while I was typing…lol


Great info guys, only we do t have either over here!

What’s the active ingredient?

You should be able to get Zep at Lowes or Home Depot.

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Not sure they have those in Australia


Can you order off Amazon

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Correct. None of those.

I heard muratic acid was the usual thing?

Google the sds on on the zep and nmd 80

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Got it - thanks!

You can use white distilled vinegar too which you should be able to get. But you’ll need to scrub a little

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Oh we have that! Ha ha. It’s only a small patch as you can see, but I wanted to go prepared if pressure doesn’t get it off :ok_hand:t2:

Ahhh I found this…

Pressure will get it off until it dries, lol

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