Brick wall, multiple issues

I have a rather affluent customer that wants his light grey, curved brick retaining wall cleaned. Best I can tell it has green algae, black mildew and efflorescence. On top of that his vertical concrete below his porch has rust runoff.

I’m heading to Southside tomorrow, by doing a search I should look at F9 Efflo and oxalic acid?

I used the poisonous oxalic on a patio last year, it blotched the concrete as I only sprayed on the rust stains. It looked worse than before I started.

I could use some help on this, I did read a couple dozen posts first.

For the rust mix your OA at 1 cup/gal and roll it on with a paint roller. Then agitate with a stiff brush. Let dry. Check results and repeat if necessary.

How do I deal with the fumes? That stuff is really bad for the eyes and lungs. :flushed:

Wear a respirator. It’s not nearly as bad when you’re rolling it on as opposed to spraying with a pump sprayer but you should still take precautions.

Does Lowes carry the pink cartridges?

I’m sure they do. The whole mask and everything is ~$50


PW is a lot like Harley Davidson…another Hundred Dollars.:smirk:

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I wouldn’t know. I’d never swing a leg over a Hardly Davidson. Yamaha and Honda get my money when it comes to power sports. I have a buddy that’s building an iron head and he replaced every gasket/seal in the engine and the damn thing still leaks!

I miss my Goldwing. What a bike.

I’d love to get a Goldwing when I get older. I sold my R6 a couple years ago and am currently bike-less but I’m gravitating towards a cruiser so the wife can ride with me…maybe

Thing about the GW, since the flat engine is very low to the ground, the bike feels like it’s 300# lighter than it is in low speed maneuvering. Our MSF instructor proved this, doing the ‘box maneuver’ with his 1800 while we were struggling on our little 250’s.:flushed:

It has perfectly neutral ergo’s. Ride it all day, every day. I know a guy here that has one with 130,000 miles and goes to Lowes to pick up bags of mulch.:laughing:

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That’s awesome. My buddy’s dad had one and he would walk all over some of the “bad boy” bikes and ride twice as far. He called it his lazy boy and would ride all day long and never even get a sore ■■■. I nearly picked up a pearl white Victory Cross Tour but passed at the last minute then about a week later I heard Victory was going out of business. Dodged a bullet there