Brick Pavers

Hey guys,

New to pressure washing. Just started a little company and trying to work out the kinks as I go along. I cleaned a back patio at a local church which were brick pavers. They came out pretty nice with an all purpose cleaner, but I think it would look better with bleach. I’m looking for the right ratio where it won’t do any damage to the bricks. I’ve heard of people using a 50:50 ratio after wetting the bricks and letting it sit for 15 minutes before pressure washing. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated!!! I have a 2 gallon garden sprayer.

I would not pre wet and I’d use 4%. No point in wetting the brick and diluting the mix more. 50/50 is stronger than you need. It will do it but wastes bleach and cash. You’re not going to hurt the brick using too much bleach.

Okay so just straight 4% bleach? Good to know. Also having trouble with all the sand that comes from between the pavers while using a surface cleaner… what’s the quickest way to get all of the sand off of the pavers? Even after I finished getting it all of there were still little spots of sand everywhere.

I say 4% because I don’t know the strength you are starting. Chlorox is 6%. Some generic or store brands are 8.25%. Pool shock liquid is usually 10-12.5%. If you get the 8.25% cut it 50/50 with water and bam. Most say on the bottle. Some don’t

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Awesome. Thanks for your help!

I’m told dollar general sells their brand at 8.25%. Not here the don’t. HEB’s store brand is 8.25. People buying chlorox don’t even know they are being ripped off and buying more water than the generic brand or store brand. Can’t find hotter than 6% at Walmart.

Do you have a surface cleaner?

Yes I have a 16’ dewalt surface cleaner attachment

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So if Walmart is 6%, then definitely use a 50:50 mix? I have a connection to a pool company who sells chlorine. What mixture would I use for pool chlorine on mossy, sporty patios or driveways?

Break it down. Looking for 4%. 6% is stronger but will definitely do the trick. Or it was 12% and you mix 50/50 you end up with 6% mix

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Before and after without bleach. Just multi purpose… what do you think?

Almost there. You could post treat with the same bleach solution we discussed at that point and see an improvement. The pre treatment makes the crap let go and it cleans up easier.


Imo the zep did nothing for the organic materials in comparison to what some bleah would do.


Definitely need that SH in there. And run that surface cleaner as quick as u can without leaving the lines. Otherwise you will have a sandy mess at the end. You always will, but can minimize it pre treating it with SH and running thru it