Brick House Cant get Clean

Hit small test area with 4% SH…no change. Any suggestions…also the face of the brick pops off with any amount of pressure.

Following as I’m curious as well. I’ve only ever had luck cleaning brick with pressure. I’ve recently had to turn down a couple jobs that I was fearful of either blowing out the mortar or not being able to get it clean enough and wasting time and supplies.

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Head to the Ea Co Chem learning center, then try test spot with what they recommend.

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This is the face of the brick coming off

Brick like that is water getting into the brick and freezing. I have seen that up here in Michigan after a very cold winter and where snow accumulates or where you have heat-thaw cycling.


its called spalling and you just have to be careful around it. Like you’ve found out, no pressure


I wonder if it is that fake brick panel stuff.

Any suggestions on what to use to clean it. I hit this small area with 4% SH 4 times with no change. I don’t think it algae…not sure what it is.

I think at this point you may want to stop and tell the customer you’ve tried everything you can and don’t want to proceed further to prevent damage for their sake.

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Agreed…thanks all for the help👍🏻

hit it with a good hot mix, long dwell. remember the clean isn’t always revealed until its dry.

The wall looks good. Just the way the brick looks. You can’t account for peoples taste. What else you trying to get off of it?

I’m done…I walked away from this project…thanks


Good job walking away. I avoid Ecochem as their staff is rude.