Brick Efflorescence after house wash?

Received an email from a client stating that our washing stained their nice red brick steps, see attached picture. Has anyone experienced this before? Looks like efflo to me, but how would that appear hours after a wash? We do not have a before picture of the steps, so I have no idea what they looked like before. We just pre-treated and washed like normal, then rinsed everything off. No post treating.

No picture showed up in your post.

But not taking a before photo means you’re liable since you can’t prove you didn’t do it. I always take before pics. Hope it works out.

Do you remember them looking like that?

What chems did you use?

All I can think of, you might have disturbed there cheap sealer…

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Updated. I am not worried about liability, I told him we’d take care of it but he isn’t worried about it (I know, kind of weird). I am more interested in if anyone has experienced this happening.

Good luck getting every employee to take before an after pictures of every piece of a house on every job, lol. People are fallible, but the get it right about 90% of the time. Just didn’t get a picture of these stairs.

No, I was not there for the service. It’s been 10 days since the service, tech wont remember after that amount of time unless something really stuck out. Down streamed SH to pretreat.

90% is decent I guess. Depends on what you want. I won’t pretend I’m not crazy lucky to have the network I do (veterans near me).

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I’ve seen that before, not because of us doing it. But did treat with OneRestore waited 5 minutes and rinsed well, red brick again.

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We mostly get applications from young guys who have never worked a real job before, retreads from other companies, food service folks, and lawn care people. We probably go through eight or nine bad people to get one good.

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Cheap sealer

@DJPWS From “Chai-Naa”