Breakfast links (turkey) and maple syrup

Trying to figure out the best way to get some maple flavoring in my breakfast links. These are turkey, I don’t eat pork. I tried putting some on the stove today with the skillet and adding some maple syrup (real maple syrup) and the sugars reacted negatively and kind of burnt on the pan. Is it just chemistry and I have to keep the heat super low? What I thought, and I could be wrong, is that if I fry the links and they get seared, the flavor wouldn’t enter the link.

I know there are several grill and stove meat experts on here, so I thought I would ask. Since it is my off season I mess around with trying new things in the kitchen. I made some awesome cupcakes with vanilla icing from scratch and some great chocolate cake with peanutbutter icing from scratch (I don’t like PB icing, but other people do and they all loved it - or they lied to me to protect my feelings). I should be about 300 pounds come next season :slight_smile:

Look up Applegate Chicken & Maple breakfast links. MIght be a quick easy fix. I cook for one all the time & I love to experiment but indirect heat would probably help a lot. Personally, I would throw them on the pellet smoker then brush on the syrup & dust them with some brown sugar a few minutes before they are ready to come off & turn off the smoker (it puts out a lot of smoke during the 25 minute shutdown process). Could even try poking a couple full of holes & marinate them in syrup (or simmer on the stove top) beforehand just to see if there is any worthwhile difference. One of my latest experiments; I bought 4 fresh jalapenos & split them lengthwise. Stuffed each of 8 sections with a different concoction just to see which would be the best. The clear winner; softened cream cheese topped with brown sugar, paprika & cayenne pepper on hickory smoke for 1 hour & 20 at 200 degrees.

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NO! Cook them in the maple syrup with eggs and let it burn a little. Best in the world.

I mean let the maple syrup burn and make a sticky crust on the eggs and sausage. I think there’s butter involved as well.

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I don’t own a smoker, maybe someday I’ll get around to buying one. I’m still trying to master the blackstone, mainly cheesesteaks which I love. I get my links from a dutch market as they make them there. They have all kinds of different flavored sausages, some with cheeses, but not the smaller links. I was just trying to get them maple flavored for breakfast.

Stuffed peppers are a big thing where I live because a lot of people grow them in their gardens and freeze them that way. I dry and grind mine for flakes for stews and well most everything I want spicy. Hungarian wax peppers are a nice pepper, they go from green to yellow to red. If you pick them a little early they have a great flavor for cooking without intense heat (you can even tone it down more by removing the seeds). We slice them and grill them in season. I have grown them for many years. I prefer them to jalapeño and habanero.

I wonder if the butter keeps it from sticking. What kind of maple do you use, I can’t remember the new grading system but I have a couple of large bottles of what used to be called A (the lighter honey colored stuff). I get a couple of jugs from a maple farmer once a year. I have one small jug of the much darker stuff which they say is best for cooking. I’m not a maple connoisseur, but you might be where you live at.

I’m weird, I don’t eat any breakfast eggs, or most eggs in general. Can’t stand the smell. I can bake with them, but if they are whole or in chunks forget it.

I would go the syringe route and inject the maple syrup directly into the center of the sausage. That way it warms up when you cook them, but doesn’t directly caramelize the syrup.

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I like this idea. Maybe I will get a lab coat too and I’ll tell my wife to call me Dr. Cookerbake. Prognosis… deliciousness.


I’ve been trying really hard to not buy a Blackstone & you’re not helping haha. I’m also a big fan of cheesesteaks. I may just have to go buy the knock-off version from Wally World & blame it on Dr Cookerbake. They have a 3 burner Expert Grill with a lid on sale for $97 (120 off).

I watch deal sites in the morning while drinking my coffee. They just had a deal on a 36" blackstone with a lid for like 250 delivered. Not saying they are the besterest flattop, but they are a good brand. I’m glad I bought mine, but it is mainly for chesesteaks and to keep the grease out of the kitchen. I bought some splashguards for it now the grease stays put. I learned one thing, cook for everyone else first, then you get the last cheesesteak. After all those delicious juices from the previous steaks…just so much better.

I probably had the best cheesesteak I have ever eaten over thanksgiving weekend in South Jersey. Little place on the side of the road. Apparently they were “reviewed” by some bigshot and now everyone knows about them. They stop answering the phone after awhile now.