Brand new 8gpm pressure washer will not draw soap

Hi there bout a cold water belt drive 8gpm from bob a couple moths ago. Have been busy setting up my trailer and finally am using it on 2 washes today. It was the first time i tried to downstream soap and its not pulling. I ordered the 4 pack nozzels for the machine from bob the other day on the phone. Im so disappointed i have to use my old 4gpm machine. Hope to figure out the issue before my next stop. Doule checked downstrEAm hose at injector is tight

I apologize in advance if you already know this but are you using the low pressure nozzle when trying to draw soap? If not the downstream injector will not work. You have significantly increased the volume of water so the same low pressure nozzle will most likely not work as it does on the 4 GPM machine, double the size or try it with out a nozzle at all for now. Also, how many feet of pressure hose are you running about 150 feet is the maximum before it will stop drawing soap.

Yes i am using the correct soap drawing nozzles. Hopefully i didnt get the wrong one shipped tp me. Anyone got the numbers for the nozzles? I have 150 of pressure wash hose

  1. Check to make sure Ds is going the right direction. Look for the arrows on the Ds. That’s the way it should flow.
  2. With a 8gpm i use a 3-5gpm Ds with 150 foot of hose. The larger Ds I could never get to draw chem.
  3. Check your chem line strainer and make sure its.not clogged.

Do all this with water,soap that way Your not wasting your chem.

I hope this helps.

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Everything Alex said plus make sure your tips are big enough.
Go buy some brass hose barbs at Home Depot on see if it will pull then.

make sure your injector is not too close to your pump, hook it up closer to the reel

Appreciate the replies and suggestions! I will verify those issues for sure. Such a bummer spending alot of time and $$ and such high expectations on the 1st wash. Should have taken 2hrs took 6 :frowning: Over it…will be in touch with Bob…was thinking it was ready to downstream when shipped.

I am sure it is ready to downstream when shipped, there has to be something goofed up. First I would check and make sure your downstreamer is facing the right way, check the arrows on it, make sure they are going with the flow of the water. Easiest way to tell if your downstreamers working is to just lay the hose down wide open while the machine is running. If its going to draw soap you are going to know it real quick like that. If after check the arrows and doing the above then I would say that the down streamer is either clogged up or bad, stick something small into the chemical inlet on your downstreamer and make sure the ball will push in, as long as it will move then I would try laying the hose back down again and opening it back up to see if you removed the clog.

We got it! Issue with the hose being clogged. Cant wait to use it this week!

hose being clogged? never heard of that? Which hose was it?

Numerous times i have had an issue where the injector was not pulling soap, and it was due to the filter I was using at the suction end in the soap tank… It was a metal one with a metal check ball valve. The sh had rusted the steel ball rusted it shut… That was the last time I used a metal filter… Had my distributor send me 10 of the plastic ones.