Box Truck Regrets ? RUST

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Been a while since I posted in the forum and it’s crazy to think back to when I first came across this site. I am definitely not an expert but to think I started with a Ryobi out of the back of a Scion Tc is hilarious.

Anyway … our most recent setup is out of the back of a Isuzu box truck. There are so many benefits of using the box truck but like any other setup it has its downfalls as well. One of my biggest concerns has started to come true after only having the truck for a year - RUST. We try to be as neat as possible to avoid SH spills or other messes but between leaking connections or other mishaps stuff just ends up happening. We would rinse under the box and in the box when necessary but after having the vehicle for just one year I am noticing a decent amount of rust on the frame under the box. Do you guys have any insight on how to combat this? Ive reached out to local body shops and truck repair centers with appointments later this week. The truck only has 5k miles on it so it’s fairly new. I am almost picturing having the box removed and doing a thorough rehab on the frame.

Additional Info - I got a box truck instead of a flatbed because I didn’t want my equipment out in the open. The box truck seemed like a good fit to secure everything. I will send some pictures later.

Let me know what you guys think.

Thank You

back in the day they just used oil or grease, and some pro outfits used a type of wax.


Good luck with the body shops, nobody around me wants to touch rust issues… they all claim too much liability and so they don’t do that work anymore.

Have you thought about bed lining the floor and a foot or so up the walls?

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This is what i did. I used raptor liner and so far it’s been an absolute champ. I don’t know if you have done this or not, but a vent from the sh tank to outside is something I’ve done as well. I don’t think you can stop rust. Just slow it down.


Good Question - I did spray in Raptor Liner and it has worked great for the most part. The issue is There are cracks / crevices where liquid and stuff can fall through around the edge of the box. I used some spray foam to fill the cracks and it helped a little but any kind of liquid (water, sh, acid) can still leak through.

Got it, maybe some type of chemical resistant caulk/sealer in those areas then.

if the metal is still pretty solid on the frame you could grind rust off with wire wheel, hit it with a rust converter then cover it with POR-15. but i doubt youd ever get 100% coverage, theres always gonna be some nook or cranny that pops up. good luck!

My enclosed trailer is having the same issue, I wonder if a solar powered fan on the vent would help.