Box Truck Reel Locations


What do you do with a box truck in facing the reel directions. The reels exiting from the rear is an awkward direction for residential housing. The preferred direction would be from the side.

QUESTION: How does one put a door, panel or something to open from the side of the box truck .

Not a box truck, but I put my reels out the back of my enclosed trailer. There are times when I can’t back my trailer up a steep driveway to face the side door toward the house.

The absolute best position for a reel is the back of the truck. If you want them on the side look up RV doors and put one on the side. You need one on both sides anyway for ventilation

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Nice! What does the inside look like?

With the tires underneath the box and no wheel wells i bet theres ALL SORTS of room for activities.

electric reels a must tho

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@dcbrock @Racer

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