Box truck or flat bed

What are some pros and cons for each
My thoughts are for a box truck
Big billboard
Easy winterized
Safe storage

Access to equipment

The other question is gas or diesel
Ford Chevy or isuzu

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This is somewhat similar to open or closed trailer. This really depends on what type of work you do and what your going to carry. I had 2 box trucks in the past.
The reason why I have now a flatbed over a box truck is because of the height requirements we deal with in parking garage cleaning. The other thing is since my flatbed Truck has an aluminum flatbed on it the total weight is much less then a box truck and that gives us the ability to carry more equipment and water to some of our bigger jobs.

Also I prefer diesel over gas because the engines can take much more abuse and my guys abuse everything cause they go peddle to the metal all the time. We don’t baby anything.

We prefer box trucks due to the weather in Indiana. If I lived in Arizona it would be all flatbeds :slight_smile: We have 6 box trucks, 2 cargo vans and 2 trailers in the fleet and the guys like working out of the box trucks the best. It’s pretty much a shed on wheels with the benefit of having a big canvas for marketing.

Like John mentioned the work you do plays a part too. We would have a tough time doing parking garages with a 11’ high box truck but that’s the purpose for our vans and trailers where needed too. I even have a residential customer on the lake shore that we have to service out of one of the vans. His driveway is too steep to get a box truck or trailer up (or down).

What do you think the best size box truck would be to house a hot water skid, 8 cold water, and a bandit with reels and tanks…

Is that 8 cold water PW’s & are they on wheels? If so that’s going to be a longterm pain in the azz to wheel them in and out of a box truck with a ramp. If your talking about having a lift gate(I had a box truck with one) then that’s a different story.

No they are both skids, would have them mounted…

We have 16’ GMC Savana 3500’s and they fill up pretty quick.
Seems to be the ideal size for both of our companies though. We can get in and out of residential easily yet still
setup the truck to do commercial with no problem. Below is the inside our our most recent build.

Is that two hot water units?

Timber seal, did you make that exhaust on the burner or buy that somewhere. I run out of a box truck also. I like what you have there compared to my exhaust stack. Thanks

I made it. It has a fixed pipe to the door and an extension that flips down when in use to divert the exhaust out. Our exhaust for the engines are extended out the same way (to the door with an extension).

Hey Greg do you do any welding yourself or do you pretty much bolt everything? I’m thinking about learning how to weld because I can only do so much bolting and fabricating is something I am getting more interested in.

Very nice. Thanks for sharing. I would like to do something similar with mine.

Little of both but mostly it’s bolt on. I used to wrench and weld for a living years ago so I can weld up nearly anything but don’t do much anymore. Reels are all summit stackables and the exhaust is all sheet metal duct riveted together.